Visitor FAQ's

  • What is a Sunday worship service like?

    Sunday is the day we gather to worship Jesus. That is our goal, and we do everything we can to keep it as simple and as pure as possible. We have a band instead of a choir, and our music style is contemporary but not loud (we like to hear the congregation singing). The sermons are taught, not yelled, and they are usually part of a message series based on a book of the Bible. In total, the worship time lasts about an hour, and we encourage everyone to come early and grab a free cup of coffee from our cafe. The children's area, known as Kids Creek, is in the building next to the worship hall, and easy to find from the cafe area.

  • What should I wear to a Sunday worship service?

    Casual clothes are the norm at River Cross. We want you to wear whatever is comfortable for you; jeans, shorts, dresses, etc. Church should be the most authentic place in your life, so come as you are and make yourself at home.

  • Will I be singled out?

    You'll never be put on the spot - we want you to feel at home. You won't be asked to stand while we remain seated. You won't be asked to remain seated while we stand. You won't be asked to put on a pin or special visitor tag. You won't even be asked to give money or anything else. We simply want you to be our guest. After your visit, if you want us to contact you, we have a communication card that you can fill out with your contact information. You're welcome to visit us for as long as you want and never turn in anything. However, pastor David would love to send you an e-mail, call you, or even meet you for a cup of coffee.

  • What is there for children?

    Our children's area is known as Kids Creek, and it is open for our 11:00 service only. First and foremost, your child's welfare and security is priority one. We use a web-based software system to check your child in and you will be the only one who can pick them up. All of our teachers and helpers are background checked and we always have more than one adult present. After security, our teachers are passionate about teaching your child about God with an age appropriate lesson (we currently use the Orange curriculum). And last but not least, we want your child to really love coming to church, and for recreation time we have a bounce house for them to play in. For more information about Kids Creek, please click here.